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SplashSpinner v1.0 – A Flight Simulator splash screen randomizer

SplashSpinner is copyrighted 2007 by Randell Alexander and all rights are reserved.

Thank you for installing this program. It has been released as “DonationWare”, a type of shareware that doesn’t nag you and give you a complete and working version of the program. All I ask is that if you like the program and can spare anything please visit PayPal and donate to the author. The email address for donations is billing @ 4spv.com. You can visit http://www.4spv.com and click on the “Software” link to access a donation link directly and to download the current version of the program as well as any other available programs.

This program should work with ANY release of Microsoft Flight Simulator that uses the splashscreen called “dlgsplash.bmp” located in the “uires” folder of the main FS directory. This has been tested with Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and Flight Simulator X.

I am including a splash screen template for FSX that is in PhotoShop format along with some FSX splashscreens I have created.

Before running this program you MUST have a folder located in your main FS directory called "SplashScreens" and it must contain the BMP files you want to use as your splash screens. These BMP files must have already been converted to the proper format. (You can learn how to do this by searching the net for "create FS splash screens")

When you are ready to proceed, click the Set FS Directory button below and navigate to the MAIN FS Directory that you want to use.  The program will write the config file and exit. The next time you run it, and every time after, it will not display this screen, but will randomly pick a screen and run FS. If you change your version or path for FS, just delete the "SplashSpinner.cfg" file located in the folder you installed this program to and it will allow you to re-pick the path.

The config file consists of one line, the path to your main FS directory. The program ignores all but the first line. I don’t recommend that you edit this file, but if you do, make sure that the full path to you main FS directory appears as the first line.

This software is released “as-is” and is unsupported. If you can use it great, if not, that’s great too.